New Year’s Resolutions For Your!

Car people, you’ve been selfish with your New Year’s resolution-making and you know it. Every year it’s the same resolutions about joining the gym, traveling the world or starting that freshwater fish tank you’ve always dreamed about. Selfish resolutions, with little to no impact on the quality of your car’s life. It’s not too late to change.

Break the bad habit this year by making a resolution that’s not just good for you, but is also good for your car. We’ve assembled seven great examples of goals for 2017 that are achievable, rewarding and realistic.


This doesn’t mean you’ve got to pay someone to perform a professional detailing job. Just keep your trusty ride clean inside and out. You can pick up basic cleaning supplies in any auto parts store at a reasonable price. All it takes after that is a little bit of time and elbow grease. Don’t carry the junk! It’s extra fuel to move it around. Save a buck or two.


If you’re already living this way, right on. If not, this is the resolution for you. The one possible exception worth noting is if you make the commitment to get a hands-free device and forgo standard texting entirely. If you really need that level of connectivity, it’s probably an improvement on whatever you’ve been doing.


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